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Your contact centre, in the cloud.

Pure, on demand pricing with Amazon Connect

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Pay for what you use

Literally pay by the minute. No upfront charges, commitments or lock in contracts.

Easily Configurable

Configurable and manageable by anyone, even non technical users.


Let chatbots deal with customer interactions, while freeing up staff and saving money.

Introducing Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact centre platform designed to allow you to provide excellent customer service at a lower cost. Amazon Connect leverages the same technology used by Amazon customer service agents, servicing millions of customers around the world.

Key Features

Easy to set up

Visualise your call flow with easy to read flow diagrams. Our staff will work with you to create your ideal call routing, based on your precise business needs.

Scale up or down

With no infrastructure to deploy or manage, you can add or subtract agents to respond in real time to business demand, while only paying for the minutes you actually consume on the phones.


Amazon Connect operates within 16 geographic locations around the world, from 42 different Availability Zones, making this service highly available and fault tolerant.

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Natural Language and Speech Recognition

With Amazon Connect, let chatbots help your customers while your staff focus on what they do best; solving complex problems. Chatbots utilise natural language understanding (NLU) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) to create lifelike interactions with your customers.

Find out how Amazon Connect can revolutionise your customer interactions.